Boston Public Library, Hyde Park Branch
Solo Exhibit
Boston, MA · November 2014
Photographic Resource Center
Group Show
Boston, MA · Janurary 2015
My intent for this body of work is to show people what life is like in Cuba, before any American influence takes place. Changes are happening, and in the near future Cuba will turn into a very different country than what it is today. Cuba is a very unique place that is soon to be, well, not so unique. The people of Cuba have adapted to a life most of us can’t understand. I did discover this is a life slightly similar to what still exists in some parts of inner cities throughout America. The majority have no luxuries, the children play in the streets, and sometimes families struggle to get by. I want to show viewers the dynamic of cultural diversity, and I hope my photographs leave the viewer with a profound respect and a greater understanding of the life that exists in Cuba today.
Gallery 360 | Northeastern University
Solo Exhibit
Boston, MA · April 2015
As a product photographer I am often drawn to details that are deliberate and highly deisgned. In photogrpahically studying various flowers I have come to discover that nature does this on its own. It creates perfection in simple abstract forms. You just have to look for it. I invite you to look beyond the flower as a whole, and engage in the beauty of its' natural elements. All prints are large at 4' high.