The New Generation

On July 11, 1995 the UN safe area of the Potocari Factory in the town Srebrenica was overtaken by the Bosnian Serb Army. Over 8,000 Muslim Bosniaks were victims to an act of genocide.

The children of the following photographs were all born around this time, and make up a new generation of Bosnian young men. Ones who have since experienced the yearly funerals of the bodies found in mass graves of both their family, and those they do not know. They all realize had they been part of the previous generation they may not be alive today. They have a unique view on Srebrenica, and the genocide of 1995. Their view consists only of the stories have heard, and what they experience at the yearly funeral. The text with each photo is the year they were born, the town they are from, and their view on the yearly mass funerals. These 10 children were all photographed at the Potocari Factory where the genocide occurred 23 years ago.