Life in Bihac

Bosnia, a war torn country not so long ago, is facing a new problem. With the Balkan Migration Route now taking a turn through Bosnia thousands of refugees have entered the country with nowhere to go. They were hoping to pass through onto Croatia or Slovenia, and then onto Western Europe.

Both these countries have closed the border to the refugees, and are inhumanely treating those they find trying to cross. They have been beaten, had their money stolen by authorities, and cell phones destroyed.

With this being an election year the government of Bosnia has decided to ignore the current influx of refugees. Ethnic divisions are still present in Bosnia, and the politicians are using the refugees as a way of reclaiming their political territories. The only help they have received is form the people of Bosnia, and the Bihac Red Cross.

Atleast 2,000 refugees are living in horrible conditions, an abandoned war bombed old dormitory  and adjacent field in the city of Bihac on the Croatian border. Many are families with young children. The future of these people in Bihac is unknown. With the government turning an eye to them there is no hope of government aid, and no future of leaving the abandoned dormitory in Bihac.