Cuba was a country on the brink of change. Or is it still? Individuals are starting to own their own businesses, but they must give a percentage to the government.

The salary for a government worker is still around 25 CUC a month. Which is barely enough to live off. There is now access to the outside world via internet hot spots. Although, not many can afford it. It is very expensive for a typical Cuban, and the connection is extremely slow with limited content. The middle class Cuban still struggles to find certain everyday goods. It is not uncommon for store shelves to be empty. Certain art forms and freedoms are still frowned upon. Tattooing, skateboarding, or anything to do with an alternative culture is not accepted by the government. A few new fancy stores and hotels have popped up. They do not allow the everyday Cuban to enter though.

For a middle-class Cuban not much is different. Overall things seem to be remaining the same. The biggest changes come if you are a tourist. Then you can afford the new luxury store, or the new fancy restaurant. You can use the internet because you won’t blink an eye at the cost. When will things change for the people of Cuba?