Las Marias

Proud, courageous, free, compassionate, and independent. Those are all words that describe what it takes to be a “Maria.” Las Marias is a sisterhood of a few special women that formed out of a shared passion for riding motorcycles.

While there are other all female MC’s in Mexico City, none are like Las Marias. These women walk down the street, and everyone stares in awe. They are beautiful, and proud to be female. This shines through in everything they do.

Carla, the President and a fashion designer, sees the road ahead as a metaphor for life; you can either ride it or let it ride you. “To be a Maria is to always to be free, no matter what.” Be comfortable in your own skin, even if that means going against stereotypes and showing off a girly side. Romina, the Vice President and a new mom, believes it is very special to be a Maria. “We have unique adventures that sometimes only we can understand.” Andrea, P.R. and a chef, rides for speed, nothing can stop her. Johanna, a member and a flow instructor, sees Las Marias as a powerful tribe. A tribe of woman who embrace their Mexican culture, and are not afraid to go against social norms. It is ok to ride a bad ass motorcycle, and still look beautiful. Karla and Claudia, also members and a couple, believe being a Maria is about expressing female freedom and passion.

Carla recently had a very specialized ankle surgery due to a motorcycle crash that happened about 6 years ago. She believes, you must be a Maria in everything you do, not just when you ride. To be strong, and not let anything hold you back or keep you down.

For these girls riding is about having an experience, not just going from point A to point B. An experience they can share with one another over and over again, proudly and elegantly.